Wall Trunking System (ZIK 2000)




The number and complexity of equipment used in modern buildings (banks, offices, hotels, hospitals ...) requires a large number of different installations. To all those installations placed in the facility, and to ensure modifications and expansion during operation are necessary wall trunking system.

System ZIK 2000 are composed of Al wall channel (ZK) dimensions 130 x 70 mm, Al covers (PK) and accessories for installation like installation box (DZ) and the spring to maintain the width of the opening channel (OP).

Wall channels and covers are made of pressed aluminum, and can be anodised or powder coated.

ZIK 2000 are characterized by elegance and ease of installation.

Rounded edges and indented lid integrate lids, switch and socket in the dynamic line and allows the installation of device without the usual opening in the lid.

All the standard ports (Suko sockets, telephone sockets, computer sockets) mounted to installation box attached to a standard rail (width 35 mm), which is an integral part of the channel. At the same rail can be mounted and connectors for medical gases.

Inside the channel the partition separating the two parts (for the low and high current).


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